Thursday, 15 December 2011

News - Luddite show in pipeline (Ashfield)

A THEATRE company is on the hunt for researchers to help create a show based on the impact of the Luddite rebellions in Hucknall and the rest of Ashfield 200 years ago.
Nottingham-based Hanby And Barrett is working with Ashfield District Council.
It is hoped a show could coincide with the bicentenary of the famous rebellion by a group of skilled textiles workers who claimed that changes during the Industrial Revolution left them without work. They vented their anger by protesting and destroying textiles machinery.
Hanby And Barrett is planning to find out as much as they can about the Luddite movement. It is hoped this can be specific to Hucknall, Kirkby and Sutton, with a focus on locals involved.
Anyone with information should ring Andy Barrett on 07986 594395.

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