Thursday, 29 December 2011

News - Capping off £100k of fundraising as work begins on windmill (Leverton)

THE final pieces of the jigsaw to replace rotting sails and a cap from an iconic windmill have fallen into place.

Millwrights descended on North Leverton Windmill to remove the two remaining sails so they could lift the rotting cap off the mill and restore it.

A temporary weatherproof cover will replace the cap in the meantime and was lifted into place after the cap was removed.

Cranes were on site to do the heavy lifting work.

In June 2008, two sails were found to be rotten and needed to be removed.

The windmill continued to work using the two remaining sails.

Since then, the trustees have raised almost £100,000 towards repairs and new sails.

The two new sails have already been built, ready to be installed once the cap they are housed in returns.
The mill is open to the public every Saturday throughout the year.

A full range of stoneground flour is on sale.

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