Thursday, 15 December 2011

Event - Project aims to throw new light on Dark Ages ‘Thing’ (Birklands)

CASH from the Heritage Lottery Fund will allow a two-year research project to be carried out to uncover the history of a Viking assembly site in Sherwood Forest.
The “Friends of Thynghowe” group has been awarded £49,900 to launch a study entitled “Thynghowe and the forgotten heritage of Sherwood” in the Birklands, near Worksop.
In January, a Lidar survey will be carried out, using optical remote sensing technology.
Volunteers will then be recruited to look at the results of the survey and also use archives and other sources to discover the area’s history.
The project will have a public launch and display at the beginning of March at Mansfield Museum.
Lynda Mallett, one of the project managers, said: “We aim to include people who would not normally participate in these sort of activities for all sorts of reasons.
“We have funding to pay for transport where required, and even carer support for those who have elderly parents or children.”
The Friends of Thynghowe group was formed seven years ago from members of the three local history groups, after Stuart Reddish and Lynda Mallett rediscovered a Viking Assembly site called a “Thyng” or “Thing” deep in Sherwood Forest.
During the last seven years the group have worked hard to research the area and to bring it to national and international attention.
Emma Sayer, head of the Heritage Lottery Fund for the East Midlands, said: “This is a fascinating site, this project has the potential to open up our understanding of the history of Sherwood Forest.”

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