Thursday, 2 October 2014

Talk: The History of English Law (Worksop)

Priories Historical Society's own Mike Langley gives a whirlwind tour of the evolution of the English legal system from pre-Anglo-Saxon times to the present day.

With some curious and interesting facts along the way -such as what did the term to be "hung, drawn and quartered" really mean, the true story of "Sweet Fanny Adams" and the man who beat the hangman's rope- "three times Lucky Lee".

The talk starts at 7.30pm on Thursday 6th November at the Innings public house, Prospect, Worksop S81 0RS. Entry is only £3 and there will be a bar on. plenty of parking outside.

Talk: Tudor & Stuart Sheffield by David Templeman at Worksop

Talk by David Templeman of Sheffield Manor Lodge on the environs of Sheffield during the 16th and 17th century before the small rural town became the Steel City. 

The Innings, Worksop, S81 0RS. Starts at 7.30pm. £3 entry. bar is open and ample parking