Thursday, 29 December 2011

News - Fire prevention work at Abbey (Newstead)

FIRE prevention work will be carried out at Newstead Abbey from January.

Nottingham City Council plans to complete the second phase of the project, which aims to separate parts of the building to prevent fire spreading and minimise any loss, before the summer.

It will see the main part of the Abbey split into three main zones.

The council has been quoted £47,400 by contractors to carry out the work, expected to start on January 9.

However it only has £39,000 set aside for the rest of the project and has said it will pay the shortfall by finding savings in its museum service budget.

A report by Councillor David Trimble, portfolio holder for leisure, says that the work is a vital requirement of their insurer to prevent the risk of "total destruction" by preventing fire spreading through the historic building.

The report says it is essential work begins on time to protect the bats in the roof space and so it does not impact on the tourism season over the summer.

The first phase was completed two years ago and separated the south wing which was deemed to be at greatest risk.

Some roof and loft separation work was also carried out then.
Newstead Abbey, Nottingham City Council,

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