Tuesday, 20 December 2011

News - Nottingham Industrial Museum set to re-open next spring

Nottingham's Industrial Museum will re-open on 17 March 2012 run by a group of local volunteers.
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Nottingham City Council's ambition to re-open the Industrial Museum as a volunteer-run site has been realised thanks to funding received from the Adult and Community Learning Fund from the Skills Funding Agency and Arts Council England.

Over 90 volunteers are currently involved with the Industrial Museum project and they're working hard to redesign and refurbish the museum so it's ready for the re-opening in mid-March next year.

The Industrial Museum, which can be found in the stable block at Wollaton Park, offers an insight into Nottingham's rich industrial heritage and is a proud celebration of how and where we worked in the city. The museum's collections include transport, steam engines, agricultural machinery and technology from the city's past, plus some of the most important lace making machinery which put Nottingham on the textile map.

The group of volunteers are involved with all aspects of the museum including collections care, marketing, research, site design and they're also undertaking a range of training to ensure they're fully skilled to run the museum. The volunteers have also been in touch with The Village, Church Farm in Lincolnshire to gain some expertise from another volunteer run museum.

Rebecca Wilson, one of the volunteers said: "I became involved with the Industrial Museum because I have a long held passion for Nottingham's history, and this project is a great example of a community working together to show off its local heritage. We have great fun at the same time too!"
Picture of Lace Machinery in Nottingham's Industrial Museum 

Nottingham City Council has been working closely with Nottingham's Arkwright Society (the group which currently run the steaming events at the Industrial Museum on the last Sunday of each month), to develop the project and recruit further volunteers.

Volunteers come from a range of backgrounds with a variety of skills, although no specific expertise is required as the programme is designed to enable willing volunteers to get involved in the aspects they're most interested in with full training provided.

Nottingham City Council is still looking for volunteers to help run the Industrial Museum, and anyone who's interested in getting involved should contact the Volunteer Programmes Coordinator on 0115 876 2187.

Councillor Dave Trimble, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Tourism said: "The re-opening of the Industrial Museum will be a great achievement for the dedicated group of volunteers who are all working hard to reinstate the museum. Nottingham City Council recognises the importance of the city's industrial heritage and it's fantastic that we can revitalise the museum's collections and make them fully accessible again."

Nottingham City Council will continue to support the Industrial Museum and volunteers once the site re-opens and will have an advisory role on the Industrial Museum Board. 

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