Thursday, 22 December 2011

News - Putting steam back on the road (Sheffield)

Sheffield-based Flame Hardeners is helping to put a vintage Sentinel steam lorry back on the road.

Originally purchased in 1916 by Brown Baileys Steelworks in Sheffield, the vehicle has been lovingly restored by steam enthusiast John Ward.

The Sentinel steam lorry, designed to pull a trailer, was in service with Brown Baileys until March 1970, when it was bought by Bass North who used it for several years before putting it on display in the Museum of Brewing at Burton-on-Trent.

After the museum closed in 2009 the lorry was purchased by Mr. Ward, owner of Townley Tool and Metals Ltd. in Upper Denby, which designs, fabricates and installs mainly stainless steel pipe-work for the brewing and pharmaceutical industries.

The engine, mechanical parts and boiler have been completely stripped down and re-built, with water feed-tubes etc. all replaced. The cab and body will be re-built ready for the 2012 Steam Rally season.

Part of the refurbishment included a 16-tooth sprocket with 2.5 x 1.5 pitch, manufactured by John Ward in high quality mild steel EN24 to replace the original 12-tooth gear. The teeth were then surface hardened to a depth of 3mm by Sheffield based Flame Hardeners Ltd., using the tooth-by-tooth flame hardening technique.

“A few years ago Flame Hardeners hardened the gears for a steam crane, which is still working well. So I contacted them again when I needed this new sprocket hardening,” says Mr. Ward. “I’ve been delighted with the work they do; they’re very friendly and helpful. Roger Haw is very well informed and his advice is very freely given.”

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