Tuesday, 7 June 2011

News - Pit helmet passed from father to son to go on display in museum (Barnsley

ERE you are son - on your ’ead!

A pit helmet passed down from father to son is to go on display at South Yorkshire’s newest museum.

The helmet, which has been donated by a local family, was originally owned by Frederick Clowery.

He wore it to work at Dodworth Colliery each day during the 1950s.

Fred then passed it on to his son, also called Frederick, when he started working at the pit.

Young Fred also donated his pit lamp to the museum and the two items will form part of an exhibition in Barnsley’s new £3m museum which is currently under construction at Barnsley Town Hall.

Jemma Conway, Barnsley Council’s community heritage curator said: “The helmet still has Mr Clowery’s check, which miners used to hand in to show they were still down the pit.”

Anyone with who has objects to donate to the museum should call 01226 790270.

From: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/pit_helmet_passed_from_father_to_son_to_go_on_display_in_museum_1_3453996

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