Monday, 6 June 2011

Booklets - Post launches new book promotion (Nottingham Post)

HAVE you ever wondered how prehistoric humans used to feed themselves? Or when farming became a regular pursuit?

Or even how towns and cities became a familiar sight across the landscape?

Well now you can find out, thanks to a series of new books which the Nottingham Post is providing for readers.

The History of the World collection will take you from the Big Bang and the dinosaurs to the Romans and the Second World War.

Each of the 24 books is packed full of fascinating facts and colourful pictures, making the series excellent for schoolchildren learning about history, or adults brushing up on their knowledge.

Children from Nottingham were given an early look at one of the editions this week and can't wait to get a copy.

Jack Bridgmount, four, of Gedling, enjoys watching the Horrible Histories TV programme.

He said: "It's very good. The book has lots of good pictures in it. I like to hear about history."

Finley Ackroyd, five, of West Bridgford, said: "I've been learning about ancient Egypt at school. It's very interesting. Hopefully I can learn more with the book."

Alex Smith, five, of Aspley, was also impressed.

He said: "I've heard all about Greece. I would much rather live like we do today. It couldn't have been nice with no electricity."

Brother and sister Ben and Alex Wadsworth, of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, also caught an early glimpse of one of the books.

"I've been learning about the Second World War at school," said Ben, eight. "I like history and hearing about how people lived in the past."

Alex, six, said: "The pictures are really good in the book."

The first book in the series – called Prehistory – is being given away by the Post on Tuesday. Newsagents and retailers should provide the book with your Post.

A new issue will be brought out every week until November. All other 23 issues can then be bought by readers.

They must present their coupon, printed in the Post every Tuesday, to the retailer and pay the price of £2.99 per copy.

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