Monday, 27 June 2011

Article - Castle opportunities (Sheffield)

NOW is the moment for Sheffield people to grasp an excellent opportunity to push their city further on two fronts.

The first is, following the mandatory archaeological examination of the castle remains, hopefully with some worthy opinions from Time Team, to secure the creation of a heritage basement.

This would contain the remains of the foundations of the castle and what still exists of the walls which are to be found under the market.

It could be a state-of-the-art multi-media explanation of the site and its functions throughout the ages.

The second opportunity we have before us is to build over the basement, on the first floor and upwards, creating whatever facilities the experts think will be useful and necessary for modern-day Sheffielders.

This would be in the spirit of Helen Mirfin-Boukouris’s aims of bringing business, jobs and growth to the city.

The castle basement would without doubt be a big hit.

It would attract tourist interest, be of educational value and, at last, give back to the people of Sheffield a much-needed feature in the heart of the city which goes back to medieval times.

This, along with the modern development suggested, should satisfy the different perspectives that exist and sometimes conflict on what Sheffield should be about.

There are far more remains of the castle under the market than is openly publicised.

It was one of England’s largest castles in its day and it played a major role in Tudor and Stuart times.

Would Time Team be interested?

I’m sure they would.

Particularly if you could get Tony, Phil and Mick back to a certain hostelry in Kelham Island and the deal is secured.

David Youle, Blow Road, Epworth, Doncaster

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