Wednesday, 29 June 2011

News - Another brick in the wall for miners’ monument (Edlington)

WORK is under way on a wall which will commemmorate a former Doncaster colliery.

Workmen are building the wall in Edlington to remember the Yorkshire Main pit, which was closed 25 years ago following the miners’ strike.

Several former NUM officials including Andy Summers, Frank Arrowsmith and Jim Kelly devised the plan for the wall in a bid to revitalise the area.

They formed The Yorkshire Main Commemorative Trust, with the aim of honouring the culture and heritage of the mine for present and future generations.

They are also building a paved landscaped area, near to the Edlington Community Centre.

A further aim of the Trust is to erect a monument, with the design set to be created by pupils at the Sir Thomas Wharton College.

Plaques will honour miners who have died from industrial diseases as a result of their lifetime of work, as well as those who were killed in industrial accidents at Yorkshire Main.

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  1. think this is a really nice idea to do for those who worked hard at the yorkshire main and for those who lost their lifes. it will show people some history from 25years ago.
    Emma white