Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Event - Two-day war at Cusworth

If you don’t know your Robert E Lee from your right knee, but you love a good American Civil War film, then a visit to Cusworth Hall could hold an enjoyable education this summer.

The American Civil War Society is waging a two-day war at the historic hall on July 2-3 as the northern Yankees take on the southern Confederates over the abolition of slavery.

The society – the biggest of its kind in the UK – will also be setting up camp in the hall’s gardens, to give vistors a taste of an authentic 1860s American battlefield.

The group, who are all enthusiastic volunteers, will be dressing up in costume, fighting battles and talking to visitors about American life 150 years ago.

There are even plans for their mounted cavalry section to put in an appearance.

Battles take place at Cusworth on both the Saturday and Sunday at 2.30pm, while non-combatants will be re-enacting civillian life in the grounds from 10am-5pm.

Admission is £5 per car.

*For those who can’t get enough of historical re-enactments, the society will be back in South Yorkshire over the August Bank Holiday Weekend for a bumper multi-period weekend at Sheffield’s Norfolk Park.

The annual Sheffield Fayre, which takes place from August 28-29, will have re-enactors from Roman times to World War II, including the American Civil War Society. Admission is free.

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