Friday, 9 March 2012

News - Rethink on memorial plan (RAF Newton)

Organisers of a memorial at a former RAF base have been forced to re-think their plans. 

The RAF Newton Memorial Fund Committee — set up by residents, enthusiasts and former RAF personnel — wants a memorial to the thousands of Servicemen who passed through the base from 1941 to 2001.

They were hoping to work with the landowner, Newton-Nottingham LLP, on the project.

However, after the parties struggled to meet, the committee has decided to go it alone.

A committee member, Mr Tim O’Brien, said they couldn’t rely on anyone but themselves to help with the memorial’s funding and design.

“We didn’t have any confirmation from the landowner about how the project could be driven forwards or how much it would cost,” he said.

“We therefore decided we would do our own project and plan.

“By going down this route, people are starting to take a real interest and are backing us. We are involving the whole community, meaning they will at least have ownership of the memorial, which is what it is all about.

“Initial feedback seems to show we are going down the right route and has inspired the hard-working committee to organise fundraising events.

We are very grateful to everyone who has helped out so far.”

It was hoped the former base gates, which were removed last year, could be used.

The new design is a brick memorial with the station badge, which includes the Polish eagle, cast in resin to avoid potential metal theft.

The station motto and squadron badges would be engraved into stone and an interpretation panel would give an overview of the station’s history.

It could potentially be sited on land alongside Wellington Avenue, belonging to the Trenchard Close Residents’ Association, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The new project is expected to cost around £7,000, of which £2,100 has already been raised with help from donations from councils and the community.

The group has received letters and emails of support from ex-Servicemen, Newton Parish Council and Nottinghamshire County Council’s leader, Mrs Kay Cutts.

David Wilson Homes, which is developing part of the site, has offered to provide labour for the construction.

The committee has organised a raffle. One of the prizes is a Tiger Moth flight worth more than £800. Others include an RAF Lancaster pocket watch, a family pass to Newark Air Museum and an original aviation painting by Mr O’Brien.

The winners will be drawn at noon on May 18 at David Wilson Homes showhome on Wellington Avenue.

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