Thursday, 29 March 2012

News - ‘Ancient’ stones removed in Aston

STONES believed to be ancient have been removed in Aston by Rotherham Council.

Residents claim the stones were removed by the local authority’s Streetpride department in November.

They understand the 4ft square stones were removed when Streepride resurfaced part of Hardwick Lane near to junction 31 of the M1.

Jeff Blades, of Aston-cum-Aughton History Group said the stones had been there for centuries.

“The ancient stones formed part of the monks path from Roche Abbey to Kiveton used to visit parts of the parish,” he said.

“There used to be a path most of which is covered over around Godfrey gardens and the little hamlet of Hardwick.”

“Somebody reported it (the stones being removed) to the history group.”

“I was told that the stones had been removed by somebody unknown.”

“When I mentioned it in the parish council meeting I was told that it was Streetpride that had done the work. I would think that they would what they were doing and leave the stones alone.”

He added: “It part of the path runs from Laughton through to Hardwick. You can still trace it through the fields.”

A spokesman for Rotherham Council said that Streetpride workers did remove some stone flags on Worksop Road service road, near its junction with Hardwick Lane close to Junction 31 on the A57. But they were buried beneath the tarmac on the existing tarmac footpath line, at a site that was not specifically identified in the South Yorkshire Archaeological Unit’s survey of the area.

She added: “Some 300 metres of the footway was replaced and only these five stone flags were uncovered along the length of the footpath.”

“These were removed and disposed of as they in no fit state to be reused. The South Yorkshire Archaeological Unit has been informed and we will obviously be advised by them.”

“However, some ancient stones were uncovered by Groundwork Dearne Valley earlier last year on a public right of way around the nearby fishing ponds in fields behind Hardwick Lane.”

“Some of the stones appeared to have been stolen before the Rights of Team started the project but the remainder were retained and then relaid as part of a scheme to make the path safer to use. It is believed that this path, which followed the line of an old Roman road, has been used for centuries.”


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