Thursday, 22 March 2012

News - Miners' memorial approval (Ollerton)

An application to build a memorial to honour Ollerton’s miners has been approved.

Newark and Sherwood District Council has granted planning permission for the memorial to be built at the old colliery entrance near the Tesco roundabout, off Forest Road.

However, the land belongs to Tesco, which has yet to make an official decision to allow the memorial on the site.

Ollerton and Boughton town councillors hope the planning permission will speed up the process of erecting the memorial, which the town has been campaigning for over several years.

Mr Stan Crawford said: “This is good news because when Tesco do finally agree then there will be no delays.

“It is a tick in the box and something that has moved forward.”

Mrs Irene Miller said the council had come a long way.

“I know it has taken a long time but we are further now than we have ever been,” she said.

“I am quite confident it is all going to go to plan.”

Council clerk Mrs Karen Wakefield said a year ago Tesco did not reply to her emails or phone messages whereas now they were in regular contact.


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