Friday, 16 March 2012

Book - This Woman of Steel is forever a diamond girl (Sheffield)

SHE was just an ordinary working class girl.
But like so many of her generation, she lived through quite extraordinary times.
Now Ruby Gascoigne is living proof that, even if you are knocking on the door of 90, it’s never too late to fight for what is right.
Ruby, who lives just off Duke Street, is no ordinary woman - she is one of Sheffield’s Women of Steel.
She was one of the thousands of South Yorkshire women who kept Sheffield’s armaments industry in production as Nazi bombs fell across the city.
And now a new book entitled A Woman of Steel: Ruby, A Diamond Forever by Stephen Johnson, tells her story.
“I’m very happy with the book, I hope it sells well,” she said at the official launch.
“It’s brought back a lot of memories for me - there are photos of many of my friends, some who are here and some who have gone.
“I’m very proud to see our story told - the last two years have been just wonderful.”
Ruby was married to husband Frank for 42 years and worked as a cook. A mother of five sons, grandmother of 14, great-grandmother of 20, and great-great-grandmother of one, she joined a generation of women toiling in the steelworks while their menfolk fought overseas during the war.
Their incredible contribution would have been largely forgotten if it hadn’t been for the Women of Steel campaign launched by Ruby along with Dorothy Slingsby, Kit Sollitt and Kathleen Roberts.
Together they carried their fight for recognition to very top in a journey which took them to see the Prime Minister himself.
The book is available in The Star Shop in York Street, priced £9.95.

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