Thursday, 23 February 2012

News - Positive talks over memorial (Ollerton)

Agreement between Tesco and Ollerton Town Council over the erection of a miners’ memorial at the former site of Ollerton Colliery is edging nearer after the two groups held positive talks. 

The council is supporting a campaign to have a memorial erected at the roundabout off Forest Road, the former pit entrance. The land is now owned by Tesco.

Two officials from Tesco’s corporate affairs department went on a site visit with council representatives and are due to make a decision on March 6.

Town clerk Mrs Karen Wakefield told a council meeting that Tesco recognised the importance of the issue to the community and that the delay had been because of a proposed extension to the Ollerton store, which could mean the memorial location would cause highways problems.

Mr Stan Crawford said: “They accepted that it needs to go somewhere where it is visible from the high street.

“What they did not want to do was agree to it only to then have to dig it up. They have their own agenda with the development of the store, but we pointed out that there should still be room for the memorial and they accepted that.” 


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