Wednesday, 8 February 2012

News - Calls to protect brewing heritage (Southwell)

Calls are being made to have a building connected to Southwell’s brewing past listed for protection.
The town council’s planning committee has asked for The Maltings, Lower Kirklington Road, to be considered to be added to the list of protected buildings.

The Maltings, now a family home, is the last remaining example of a maltings building, complete with its kiln, that remains in the town.

Mr Roger Dobson, the town council chairman, said it was a historic building.

He said: “I am very surprised it isn’t listed. Southwell had five maltings in the Victorian period and this is the last one remaining with the original kiln behind it.

“The kiln is where, after the germination of the malt in the maltings, the firing would take place.

“This is a historic building. Why isn’t it listed? I think it should be.”

The council was considering a planning application to install three lights on the rear of the building.

Mr Dobson said he could not see a problem with the plans and the building’s owners were within their rights to submit the application, but he thought it was important the building was considered for further protection.

He said: “If the building is not listed, an owner who isn’t sensitive — and I think the present owners are — could get away with making big changes to it.”

Deputy clerk Mrs Carole Williams said the application had come before the planning committee because the building was in Southwell’s conservation area so any exterior changes had to have consent.

Committee chairman Mr Andy Gregory said there were no planning reasons to object to the application.

The committee did not object to the application, but will ask for Newark and Sherwood District Council to consider submitting it to be added to the list of protected buildings.

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