Thursday, 2 February 2012

News - Museums Sheffield will keep council funding

Museums Sheffield is set to keep its current level of Sheffield Council funding for the next financial year to help the trust cope after losing out on a bid for £4.2 million of Arts Council cash.
Opposition Lib Dem councillors proposed a motion at this afternoon’s full council meeting that the current annual grant of £2.044 million should stay the same for next year - which was accepted by the authority’s ruling Labour group.
Freezing the council grant for the next three years had been a condition of receiving the Arts Council money but after the bid for funding was lost, the council could have made a cut. Money for other trusts, including Sheffield Theatres, is being reduced.
The boost comes as a redundancy notice was issued for 45 of Museum Sheffield’s 107 staff on account of the Arts Council’s rejection.
Museums Sheffield is bidding for a share of further Arts Council funding to be announced in September.

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