Friday, 17 February 2012

Book - Chad’s new tourist book promoting Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire set to go on sale

A BRAND new local tourism book which accompanies the popular Chad Audio Guide series is to go on sale.

The 80-page book has been penned by Chad journalist and first-time author Stephen Thirkill and features tours around seven prominent tourist hotspots and beauty locations across Mansfield and Ashfield.

The venues included are Hardwick Hall, Teversal Trails, Chatsworth House, Southwell Workhouse, Newstead Abbey, King’s Mill Reservoir and Clumber Park - the same attractions featured in the Chad Audio Guide series.

The book, which is priced at £9.99, includes a wide range of colour images, opening times, facilities and interesting facts and timelines from each venue as well as an in-depth tour.

Said Stephen: “The current audio guide CD has been a success so far and hopefully the book will enjoy a similar response.

“Mansfield and Ashfield has a lot of beauty spots and attractions to be very proud of.

“It also has many passionate people who give up their time as volunteers to make these attractions the success story they are today and to help preserve the area’s history and heritage.

“This book will give the volunteers the credit they deserve, the attractions the attention they require and hopefully help to inspire more people to play their part in the region’s thriving tourism industry.”

In the book Stephen takes a step back in time to learn about the success of a national social experiment at Southwell Workhouse and what made the world-famous Lord Byron tick during a special behind-the-scenes visit to Newstead Abbey.

Stephen also explores the magnificent Chatsworth House to discover why the attraction is proving so popular with film-makers.

He also learns about the fascinating life of Bess of Hardwick, who became the second richest lady in the realm behind the Queen with Hardwick Hall a lasting legacy to her fame and fortune.

And nature lovers are also in for a treat as Stephen tours the picturesque King’s Mill Reservoir to discover its Royal connections, the beautiful Teversal Trails, which is playing a key role in the district’s regeneration, and Clumber Park, where he learns all about the battle to conserve, preserve and thrive.

If you would like to pre-order your copy of Tourist Trails call Stephen Thirkill on 01623 450292 or visit Chad receptions.


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  1. I am in your side Chad. I used to promote Nottinghamshire not with business appeals but on their tourist satisfaction guarantees. This was going to be hard cause we have many competitors but I know that Nottinghamshire, itself will uphold into a very wonderful place to no one can't imagine.