Saturday, 11 February 2012

Event - Great War exhibition coming to Nottingham Castle in 2014

Nottingham Castle will host a major exhibition, From The Trent to the Trenches, in 2014 to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of WWI.

Visiting Nottingham Castle
Nottingham City Council's Museums and Galleries Service was approached by the Imperial War Museum, London, to join a network of other key museums around the UK who will be programming large-scale events to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of WWI, in 2014.

The exhibition has now grown into a collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council, and - we hope - with other museums around the county.

Volunteer Major John Cotterill has helped to recruit an enthusiastic team of volunteers from across the city and county to help research and deliver this ambitious project over the coming years, which will leave an enduring legacy.

The exhibition will look at the contribution made by Nottingham and Nottinghamshire people across all the core military services, as well as life on the home front. The exhibition will also explore the changes wrought by WWI on all aspects of society - changes which reverberate through the decades to the present day.

Paintings, drawings, photographs, maps, Trench Art and other objects will act as touchstones for the descendents of those involved, as well as being a catalyst for investigations in to their own family history. The galleries will include map tables, and research stations, so that visitors can carry out research on the spot, with the assistance of a team of volunteers; there will also be a 'feedback wall' so that people can leave their own memories and stories. Much of the research into Nottingham institutions (schools, factories, businesses, families etc) will be carried out specifically for the exhibition by a team of volunteers and will therefore leave an enduring legacy.

The exhibition is likely to run from July to November 2014, with a special event on 4 August to coincide with the actual centenary of the start of the Great War

Councillor Dave Trimble, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said, "The Great War was dubbed 'the war to end all wars'. As we commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of conflict, this exhibition will also provide a moment of thought and reflection for all of us. It will also allow us to explore the impact of the Great War on Nottinghamshire today and to capture the stories of the Great War from sons and daughters of those who fought in the field or made their contribution at home, perhaps for the last time."
Nottinghamshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability Richard Butler said the events planned for the city and the county would be a fitting tribute to the thousands of Nottinghamshire people who lost their lives in the Great War.

"This exhibition will be an amazing history lesson for all who view it," said Councillor Butler. "The county council is also compiling a database of all who died in the 1914 - 18 War from a wide collection of sources including industry, business, church, public and military records - it will be a definite record for future generations."

A Great War Antiques Roadshow will be held at County Hall during the summer of 2013.


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