Friday, 17 February 2012

Event – Memorial for B17 ‘Mi Amigo’ crew (Sheffield)

There will be a wreath laying service in Endcliffe Park on Sunday 19th February at 1.15 followed by a memorial Service at St. Augustines Church, Brocco Bank at 2pm in memory of the USAAF B17G-10-BO crew of 42-31322 “Mi Amigo” from 305th Bomb Group which crashed during the evening of 22nd February 1944 in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield after returning from a mission over Aalborg, Denmark. 

Lt Kriegshauser, 2nd Lt Curtis, 2nd Lt Humphrey, 2nd Lt Hernandez, S/Sgt Estabrooks, Sgt Tuttle, S/Sgt Mayfield, Sgt Ambrosio,  M/Sgt Williams and Sgt Robbins were killed after the bomber caught fire after attempting to land the stricken aircraft in the park but hit the hillside after maneuvering to miss some children playing football there. The bomber seems to have been lost returning some 100 miles north of its base at USAAF Chelveston.

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