Monday, 20 February 2012

Event - Biographical Research Worksop (Sheffield)

As part of the Hunter Archaeological Society Centenary, they are organising workshops at Sheffield Local Studies Library and Sheffield Archives. Both workshops will introduce the collections, show how they can be used for historical biographical research and introduce the material about the Hunter Archaeological Society.
The session at Sheffield Local Studies Library is 6pm on Wednesday 22nd February.
The session at Sheffield Archives is 4pm on Friday 23rd March.
Both are free.
There are 6 spare places for the 22nd February (Local Studies) and 13 places for the 23rd March (Archives). If anyone would like to come along please email Ruth Morgan on Places will be allocated on a first come basis.
Further details of the Centenary can be found on the Society's website -

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  1. I can barely add this to my thesis. It was a wonderful idea which will enlighten my classmates to deal with me in Archaeology. I am so glad that there were endeavors who used to make workshops for this. I was settled from my doubts because of your article.