Monday, 3 October 2011

Article - Landmark Goose Fair dates (Nottingham)

1855 – The first big hand turned roundabout, Twigdon's Riding Machine, came to the fair.

1877 – Wombwell's Menageries with 20 monster carriages, 57 great cart horses, 7,009 birds and animals and 53 employees arrived.

1888 – Aeronaut Professor Baldwin made the first parachute jump in Nottingham from a balloon over Wollaton Park as part of the Goose Fair attractions. Additionally, world champion trick cyclist WG Hurst did 50 tricks on a Beeston Humber bike.

1892 – Professor England's Royal Exhibition of Performing Fleas proved a popular draw.

The Showman's Guild records of 1898 shows the following attractions at the fair:
Pat Collins' gondolas, switchback horses, tunnel railway and bikes.
John Collins' four-abreast and steam yachts.
George Twigdon's Sea on Land and gallopers.
J Whiting's gondolas.
George Green's gallopers.
Arthur Twigdon's gondolas.
Bioscope shows by Randall Williams, Walbrook and Scard, Radford and Chappell, Professor Burdett and Captain Payne.
Bostock and Wombwell's, and Day's Menageries.
Pat Collins's lion show.
Cottrells' swimming show.

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