Monday, 10 October 2011

News - Thorne conservation area a priority for council

Listed properties in Thorne will not be allowed to keep going to rack and ruin. That is the message from Doncaster Council to their owners.

Following a meeting between Cabinet Member for Communities, Councillor Cynthia Ransome, and Thorne Ward Member, Councillor Martin Williams, the council is stepping up enforcement measures.

Councillor Ransome said: "Martin Williams has recently brought this issue to my attention. I agree completely that these historic properties cannot be allowed to disintegrate and spoil the appearance of the town centre.
"Many of the properties in Thorne have been granted planning permissions for alternative uses, but poor market conditions have meant that developers are holding back.

"The message is that owners cannot keep sitting on these properties without paying out for their upkeep."
Action currently being taken by the council includes:
  • Actively seeking funding for the conservation area and working with property owners to find alternative uses for vacant buildings.
  • The enforcement team has recently identified seven properties which have fallen into a bad state of disrepair. Officers are writing to the owners asking them to make repairs, should they fail to we will use legal powers compelling them to do so.
  • Thorne Hall up for auction in the near future.
Councillor Martin Williams, Ward Member for Thorne, said: "Bringing these buildings back into use is essential to the regeneration of the town.

"Having met with Councillor Ransome and senior officers I am hopeful that we will now see action being taken."


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