Monday, 10 October 2011

News - Let’s have more blue plaques (Sheffield)

As someone who is very interested in local history, I certainly think more of the blue plaques should be put on our historic buildings (Oct 3).

By the way, I know a third blue plaque at 289 Glossop Road, (near Brunswick St) now used by Sheffield University Corporate Information and Computing Services. This is: “Frank Harrison -Dental Surgeon 1859-1912 – who practised here and published the first paper in the world on the use of X-rays in dentistry and who was also instrumental in founding the school of dental surgery in Sheffield.
Edward P Marshall, Sandy Acres Close, Waterthorpe

Accept them for who they are
Coun Sidebottom is wrong in saying there are only two blue plaques in Sheffield. There’s a plaque for Thomas Boulsover on the cottages near Forge Dam and one on Handsworth Road, opposite Asda, where Benjamin Huntsman lived.
Margaret Hobson, S9

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