Friday, 7 October 2011

Article - Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse (Nottingham)

The Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard is housed within five 17th century cottages where you can learn about the people of Nottingham through the objects made, used or owned and the stories they tell us.

This delightful museum is sited in Brewhouse Yard at the base of Castle Rock, a location that itself reveals much about Nottingham's social history. The museum depicts the social history of Nottingham over the last 300 years and is housed in five 17th century cottages adjacent to the famous 'Trip to Jerusalem' public house. Brewhouse Yard once contained a thriving community of 20 houses, with a population of 127 people at its peak.

Today the surviving buildings house the museum and contain a mixture of reconstructed room and shop settings, and gallery displays including 'Toys' and 'Community Showcase' which highlights work by local groups or individuals. An image of the caves entry at The Museum of Nottingham Life In the adjacent Rock Cottage is a reconstructed Victorian Schoolroom and a new exhibition 'Growing up in Nottingham'. Also discover a system of man-made caves built into the rock. Once used by the former residents, they now house museum displays including a reconstructed air raid shelter, and are fully wheelchair accessible.


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