Thursday, 20 October 2011

Events - Priories Historical Society Talks 2012

13th February – North Notts Priory Churches by Pat Mclauglin
Come and see the history of the priory churches In Nottinghamshire.

12th March – 2 Queens & A Countess by David Templeman Of Sheffield Manor Lodge.
This is not the life story of the three ladies but an in depth talk on the interaction between the three most colourful and charismatic women in Elizabethan history: Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scots; and Bess of Hardwick. A unique insight into a predominantly man’s world, entered into and conquered by these 3 most powerful women.

23rd April –Life Of A Native American by Roger Boshauer.
A Real Life Descendant Of Pocahontas. Will Include Other Indians And Later Eras. Come And Find Out The Real History Of The Native Americans! Brought Back By Huge Demand!

21st May – Skye, Outer Hebrides & The Western Isles by Andrew Firth

A look at these almost mythical islands that many people will be unable to visit. Come and see what we are missing!

Not forgetting our excavation which should hopefuly start on 11th June

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