Saturday, 8 October 2011

Event - Deltics on tour! (Sheffield/Woodhouse/Beighton)

Never heard the throb of one of British Rails most legendary diesels? well here's you chance this week as 4 pass through our area back from the Deltic 50 event at Shildon.  Be sure to turn up very early as there passage north was over an hour early!

Tuesday 18th October
0Z47 55 022 hauling D9009, 55 019 and 55 002
Bury Dep. App. 08.50
Castleton Dep. 09.45
Philips Park West Junction Pass 10.05
Stockport Platform 1 Pass 10.31
Edale Pass 10.54
Sheffield Platform 2 Pass 11.26
Woodhouse Junction Pass 11.41
Beighton Junction Arr. 11.45, Dep. 11.55
Barrow Hill Arr. 12.15

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