Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Save Roman Southwell - Anglo-Saxon find at minster town

NOTTINGHAM archaeologists say they might have discovered the remains of an Anglo-Saxon enclosure in Southwell.

The University of Nottingham team spent two weeks in June digging in gardens around the centre of Southwell and at Southwell Workhouse.

They think they have found the remains of an Anglo-Saxon defensive enclosure and planned town.

A test pit near the remains of ancient banks also revealed a ditch which contained small fragments of pottery.

Dr Naomi Sykes, who led the two-week dig, said: "We excavated all manner of finds from this ditch, including modern-day pottery.

"In the same area we found bits of roman motaria – ancient Roman pottery kitchen vessels. But further down in the earlier deposits we discovered fragments of medieval pottery.

"This exciting find ties the Roman site to the later medieval minster site and suggests that there was settlement activity and buildings around that period."

The team returned to the site on Saturday and Sunday for further research.

Members of the public were able to find out more about their work.

More information about the research online via www.nottingham.ac.uk

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