Friday, 7 October 2011

Book - Doncaster: A Brief History by Geoffrey Howse

The city of Doncaster thrived during the Georgian period, and continued to grow as a railway town in the nineteenth century. As a consequence, it boasts a rich architectural history, the influence of which can still be seen and appreciated in the fabric of the Doncaster of the modern day. From St George’s Minster to the history behind the naming of French Gate and the development of Doncaster’s famous traditional market, Doncaster Then & Now is a unique tour through this remarkable city.

Placing his fascinating archive photographs alongside modern photography of the same locations today, Geoffrey Howse captivatingly illustrates the changing face of this historic city, as well as the changes in society, transport and fashions that have taken place over the decades. 

ISBN: 9780752463476


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