Sunday, 21 August 2011

Review - Friends of Throapham Church tidy up (20 August)

The Friends of Throapham Church were busy today tidying up the shrubbery which is threatening the graves in the graveyard by cutting down some of the worst offending examples.  The greater light levels entering the churchyard seem to be greatly appreciated by the butterflies, ladybirds, hoverflies and dragonflies which constantly buzz around (not forgetting the occasional hawk, wasp and bat!)

The obvious alignment differences between Throapham and the very nearby Laughton-en-le Morthen church

 I was there tidying, finding and recording four grave slabs which have been covered by moss, ivy and grass over the past few decades. I also found some coloured plaser which may have originally been in the church which in its life was abandoned twice.  Details of the grave slabs will appear on the blog once I've analysed them :)


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