Monday, 22 August 2011

Photograph - Newly discovered graveslab in Throapham Churchyard

Inscription reads:
Lyeth the body of [N or M][l]a[??]er
The Daughter of [James]
and Esther Lister of
Departed this life October
the ?? 1764 Aged ??

[Four lines of verse which are unreadable]

Probably the Daughter of Esther Ingall from Carlton and James Lister from Guildingwells who married in Throapham church on 27th or 29th July 1736 (sources give differing dates)

Daughter Margaret born 12/11/1737, Anne born 08/11/1739, Ester 06/06/1743, James 13/06/1747. Either Margaret or Ester are the most likely candidates. Does this also indicate she was never married (d. at age 27 or 21)


  1. Esther Lister d 05/11/1795 aged 81 = b. c.1714 m.aged 22
    James Lister d. 01/07/1803 aged 89 = b. c.1714

    Esther born in 1743 can be counted out d. 04/12/1811

    Dave C

  2. James Lister b. 25/03/1714 Son of William