Thursday, 18 August 2011

News - Renovation of historic castle begins (Boston Castle)

WORK gets under way today to restore a historic 18th century building in South Yorkshire.

The £1.2 million revamp of Boston Castle, which is almost two years late, will begin with the demolition of a small brick extension, which will then be replaced with a new entrance foyer, platform lift, stairs, storage and plant rooms.

The foyer will allow public access to the different levels of the castle, while the battlements are being reinstated in original salvaged stone.

The windows will be replaced with 18th century designs.

Rotherham Mayor, Coun Shaun Wright, will be officially starting the work by taking a sledgehammer to the extension, which was added on to the former hunting lodge, built in 1775.

Funding has been provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund, who donated £590,000 towards the work, while Rotherham Council is meeting the remaining cost.

The Friends of Boston Castle and Parklands have secured a £50,000 grant from Biffaward for work on the courtyard, which will be transformed into an amphitheatre.

The restoration is due to be completed by next summer.

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