Tuesday, 19 July 2011

News - Sponsored by Archaeologists show hi-tech vision of city’s historic past (Sheffield Castle)

WITH its looming front wall and mist clouded moat, it has the aura of a fortress from Lord Of The Rings.

But this is how Sheffield Castle would have looked according to a new study by city archaeologists.

Experts from construction firm Arcus and students from the Sheffield University produced the stunning image as part of an investigation into the make-up and significance of the 13th century building.

They drew on previous excavations and studies of contemporary castles during their research.

Now castle campaigner Ron Clayton is to present the picture to Lord Mayor Sylvia Dunkley in a bid to keep the historic building in the public mind.

“Without the castle there would be no Sheffield, it’s that simple,” says historian Ron of Hillsborough. “The early markets survived because of this stronghold and that’s why it’s important images like this are shown to people.”

Now he will continue putting pressure on the authorities to excavate the remains currently buried beneath, appropriately enough, Castle Market.

“I’ve said it for a long time and I’ll continue saying it,” he says. “We have this treasure under our feet and we should be making the most of it and using it to regenerate the city.”

The castle was built in 1270 but, after being used as a Royal stronghold during the English Civil War, was knocked down by victorious Parliamentarians in the late 1640s.

No plans or drawings from the period remain.

A presentation will be made in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour in the Town Hall on July 27.

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