Monday, 18 July 2011

Book - Full steam ahead for sense of nostalgia (Sheffield)

JUST like buses, books on our railways seem to come in threes!

Completing the collection this time round is Steam Around Sheffield, by Mike Hitches.

He writes: “Since Sheffield was a centre of steel production in the 19th century, there was demand for bulk transport to other areas of Great Britain and abroad.

“Such transport was also required to bring in raw materials.

“The first railway to reach Sheffield was the Sheffield & Rotherham Railway, arriving at the passenger terminus of Wicker in 1838.”

The book documents how our city and surrounding towns were faithfully served by steam locos for many years.

It is richly illustrated revealing the stations, sheds and locos which contributed to Sheffield’s industrial success.

All aboard and settle down for a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane.

Steam Around Sheffield, by Mike Hitches is published by Amberley, priced £16.99.

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