Monday, 9 April 2012

Article - The floods of the 1930s (Worksop)

Keeping a tight hold of each other during the 1930s floodsKeeping a tight hold of each other during the 1930s floods
ON a weekend in May 1932 and following 30 hours of almost continuous rain, the River Ryton finally burst its banks leaving Worksop with the worst floods to hit the town in decades.

The spectacle of the floods was witnessed by many hundreds of people during Sunday as night traffic struggled to contend with the water which maintained a torrential speed through the town. Some houses were five feet deep throughout the ground floor and the rescue of even small objects was quite impossible. 

This particular photo, brought in by Mr L. Shepherdson, of Newcastle Avenue, shows a tradesman believed to be with his daughter wading down Ryton Street.


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