Friday, 20 April 2012

News - Manor house concerns grow (Bingham)

Concerns have again been raised about the future of one of Bingham’s oldest buildings.

The Manor House and neighbouring cottage on Market Place have been empty for more than a decade.

The Mayor of Bingham, Mrs Maureen Stockwood, said the town council should continue pressing to try to get the owner to improve the state of the buildings.

“It is a wonderful market place that is being spoiled by this building standing empty,” she said.

“Because it is on the ‘at risk’ register and one of our focal points, we need to be making a lot more noise as a town council.

“We have done it before but I want to do it again.”

The Manor House is believed to date from around 1700 and, although Rushcliffe Borough Council imposed a Compulsory Purchase Order on the building in 2008, it was never enforced because the owner complied in full with a repairs notice that was issued.

This meant the building was made wind and weather tight and was ensured to be structurally sound

Another town councillor, Mrs Jacqui Marshall, said it was a waste as it stood unused.

“People have asked what is being done. I wonder why the owners don’t do anything with it or let other people use it,” she said.

The town’s county councillor, Mr Martin Suthers, said that as far as scandals went, it was on a par with the former Pioneer Co-op building in Eaton Place, which has also stood empty for around the same length of time.

He said: “It is a wasted opportunity. The owner is just playing a game with us.”

Mr Paul Randle, the borough council’s deputy chief executive, said it had recently been brought to the council’s attention that the Manor House roof had been damaged.

“We are in the process of working to resolve this situation through the appropriate channels,” he said.

“Although we acknowledge that the building is unattractive in its current state, regrettably the council only has powers to prevent further deterioration in its condition.

“The building is still in private ownership, therefore the borough council does not have any plans for the building.

“I understand that, even though the owners complied with the notice, this did not necessarily improve the overall external appearance of the building.”


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