Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Event - Medieval Weekend (Wetlands Animal Park)

There is a Medieval Weekend at Wetlands Animal Park in Sutton Cum Lound near Retford this weekend (7-8th April)

Visit The medieval camp with the knights and ladies of the court carrying out their daily duties and crafts from the Middle Ages. In full costume of the time you will almost believe you are back in the Middle Ages yourself.

Attend the mock battle where the fights appear anything but mock, with costumes that can withstand full blows in combat struck by the highly trained knights and ladies. See a range of authentic weapons from pole arms to broad swords, great helms to sallets

The Three Shires Medieval Society actively seeks to promote not only the factual history of the medieval period but also daily life, costume, weapons and traditions of the time.

Why not have a go at the archery range bringing a taste of the Middle Ages past time to the 21st century where visitors to the park will get a chance to use the deadly Longbow (at targets of course!)

One of the Three Shires most popular events is the “Childrens Battle” where younger members of the audience are encouraged to join in a mock battle with assorted knights and ladies of the court and fight against the parents for the glory of the crown (armed with safe lengths of foam) or why not take part in a Mini Joust to win favours from the court.

Admission: Adult£7.50 Children £6.50 Disabled Access£6.50 Senior Citizens £6.50 Children 2 years and under Free Family (2 adults & 2 Children) £21.00 Groups over 10 people £6.00 each


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