Wednesday, 25 April 2012

News - Clean Sweep for museum (Newark)

Schools, churches and parish councils could be offered some of the historical items owned by Newark and Sherwood District Council’s museum service.
Mr Roger Jackson told the council’s cabinet the museum service owned about 70,000 items, of which 17,000 were on display at Millgate Museum.

He said they needed to look at their collections before renewing their museum accreditation next February. Members agreed that a review of its collections, policies and plans should be carried out.

Mr Jackson said: “We should be looking at quality not quantity and it might be that some items are more appropriate for other areas.”

He said the aim was to go through the collections, come up with a disposal policy and look at what they wanted to keep.

He said some of the items could be returned to their original donors or given to Newark Town Council for its museum. He suggested that items could be given to Ollerton, Southwell and other parts of the county.

Mr Roger Blaney asked if schools could be given appropriate items too so they could start their own local history museum.

He said: “We have an outreach project where the items are taken to schools so could we take them and leave them?”

Mrs Nora Armstrong said churches and parish councils might like to be offered items.

Mr Jackson said they were waiting to hear if their bid for Lottery money to turn the former Magnus buildings on Appletongate, Newark, into a National Civil War Centre had been successful.

He said it was planned to charge for entry into some of the exhibitions and they hoped to borrow relevant artefacts from other museums.

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