Wednesday, 25 April 2012

News - Cultural and Commercial Office Space at Welbeck Abbey

Thanks to the vision of country estate owners, William and Alison Parente, Welbeck Abbey in Nottinghamshire looks set to become serviced office space and a sustainable community for teaching artisan skills and cultural business.

The couple inherited the vast 15,000 acre property dating back to the 12th century in 2008 upon the death of Mr Parente’s aunt, the Lady Anne Cavendish-Bentinck, descended of the Dukes of Portland.

With Mr Parente’s interest in fine art and culture in business and Mrs Parente’s involvement with artisan foods, the couple are putting into motion a vision of the Welbeck Estate as a vast training ground for a new kind of approach to traditional commercialism.

Recently appointed as Development Director for the project, chartered surveyor and degree-educated art enthusiast, Rob Mayo, states that he was given a brief that would ultimately lead to the regeneration of Welbeck as a hub of culture and commerce:

“It is about creating a sustainable community based on the four pillars: creative business, the arts, rural diversification and education,” says Mr Mayo. “It is about trying to find new uses for our buildings, but not just any old use, and particularly focused on creative business and education.

“Rural diversification gives a fair amount of flexibility – businesses related to food, food production, artisan foods.”

Among these are courses in the traditional practices of bread and cheese making, as well as an educational brewery and butchery.

In total, the Welbeck Abbey Estate totals hundreds of thousands of square feet of space, thousands of which have been set aside for a new lease of life as serviced office space.



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