Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Events - Silkstone Waggonway Survey/Rockley Furnace and Engine House Survey (Silkstone/Stainborough)

Silkstone Waggonway Survey Launch - May 2nd (2012) 6.30pm, Pot House Hamlet, Silkstone

Over the past 6 months the Industrial Heritage Programme has been funding an archaeological survey of the Silkstone Waggonway - an early horse-drawn railway that carried coal and other minerals along the valley from Silkstone Common to Barnby Basin (at Cawthorne). The work has been carried out by ArcHeritage working in collaboration with the Roggins Local History Group and members of Heritage Silkstone and has included numerous archive visits, measured survey and using Ground-Penetrating-Radar (GPR) to find and map buried sleeper stones along the route. This research is now being brought together in a report, and the results (including some new discoveries) will be presented at a free public event at the Pot House Hamlet in Silkstone on May 2nd (2012). Come along and find out about the exciting industrial heritage on your doorstep!

There will also be a chance to visit Silkstone Church after the presentations to see some of the conservation work that is taking place there. For more information about the Silkstone Waggonway please visit the Roggins website - http://www.priorycampus.co.uk/rlhg/roggins.php?p=waggonway

Rockley Furnace and Engine House Survey Launch - May 17th (2012) 6.30pm, St. James' Hall, Wentworth Castle, Stainborough

Over the past 6 months the Industrial Heritage Programme has also been funding an in-depth archaeological survey of Rockley Furnace and Engine House, an early 18th century blast furnace and iron mining site on Rockley Lane (near Birdwell). This has also been carried out by ArcHeritage, this time in collaboration with the South Yorkshire Industrial History Society and has included 3d scanning of the entire site, including the Furnace and Engine House buildings. The results of this survey, including some of the fantastic 3-dimensional images, will be presented at a public event at Wentworth Castle, Stainborough on May 17th (2012). Come along and find out more about this national important, but little known, Industrial Heritage gem!

Both events start at 18.30 and are free, but places do need to be booked in advance via contact Tegwen (tegwen@epip.org.uk) Light refreshments will be served.

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