Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Group - Laxton Archers Living History Group

Laxton Archers Living History Group are a Medieval, Living History, family group depicting life in the 15th Century, with a range of knowledge about Medieval Life.

Would you like some historical element adding to your event? As established re-enactors they have researched the Medieval period, including the ancient craft of rope making, developing many skills in a variety of crafts which include Rope & Net Making, Skep making (Bee hives), Costume Creation, Armoury, Medieval/Tudor Food, Toys, Games and Puppets.  They can provide, (depending on personal circumstances) a rope maker, a net maker, a bowyer, a Warner, puppeteer and meet Percy the dragon! Weapons including; Longbows, crossbows, swords and wasters. An archery display can be held against the butt and of course have a go ( if safe to do so), they also have Medieval/Tudor games, a kitchen with working fire and food from the times (depending on length of event)

Great effort and dedication has been put into the research and the making of the tools and equipment that are needed to produce the rope, as most rope making demonstrations are by machine, not by hand.

They are based in Derbyshire & South Yorkshire and are able travel to neighbouring counties.

If you are interested in booking them for an event please contact via their website at: or by e-mailing them at

They are currently not charge for attendance at events (subject to change).

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