Thursday, 8 September 2011

Event - Making a song and dance of city’s history (Sheffield)

IT promises to have a cast of hundreds, cover a timespan of two centuries, and feature more of Sheffield’s famous historical faces than you could shake a steel stick at.

These are the plans for perhaps one of the most ambitious stage shows ever held here – a massive performance charting nothing less than the story of our city.

Charlie Peace, James Montgomery, Edward Carpenter and John Ruskin will all be prominent in the music, dance and drama extravaganza being created to celebrate the bicentenary of the Sheffield Christian Education Council, an arts and education group based at the Montgomery Hall and Theatre, in Surrey Street, city centre.

Now the show’s organisers – a team of volunteers and hired professionals – want your help in finalising how the story should go. They want dance, drama and community groups to perform semi-autonomous pieces which will fit in with a general story arc.

“We want people to come along, suggest their ideas and get involved,” says co-ordinator Lindsey Beagles, SCES’s development officer. “This is about their history after all.”

A few Diary suggestions then? Bertie Bassett, Jarvis Cocker and, of course, Lizzie Ward could all be featured, perhaps...

“Well... certainly we’ll think about everything,” says Lindsey diplomatically.

A first meeting for anyone interested will be held at the theatre – built to commemorate one of the group’s founders James Montgomery – next month. Date to be confirmed. Visit for details.

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