Thursday, 28 June 2012

Petition - Save Wincobank (Sheffield)

The Friends of Wincobank Hill, together with all Residents, Supporters, Academics and Experts involved are extremely concerned that next Monday, 2nd July 2012, Sheffield City Council Planning Committee will approve the Planning Application for development of the land on Wincobank Hill as described in the attachments.

The final decision will not be not be made until Monday so if anyone wishes to add their support to what they are already doing, there is still time to write (first class) or send emails to:

Lucy Bond, Development Services, Howden House, 1 Union Street, Sheffield S1 2SH

They will be collecting signatures to their new this coming Saturday, 30th June 2012, at our Summer Fun Day on Wincobank Common. Their goal is 1,000 signatures of those who are behind them in preserving Wincobank Hill - so please help if you can by writing as above or emailing this out even more widely. Signed Petitions may be brought to them either at our FUN DAY on Saturday 30th June, or outside the Sheffield Town Hall at 1.00 pm next Monday 2nd July - or contact them to collect from you on Sunday. If they won't let them into the Council Chamber we will try to make ourselves prominent outside!

This is not just "any bit of open space" that can be swapped. There is no compensation for its loss. It is special. The Open Space designation in the Unitary Development Framework and the Sheffield Development should be upheld. No building here!

Their website is at

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