Thursday, 14 June 2012

Museum - Seeking pieces of the past (Boughton)

Hundreds more tourists could be attracted to the area under plans to open a museum at Boughton Pumping Station.

It is envisaged that the 107-year-old landmark building, which already has office and catering facilities, could become one of the area’s main draws.

Bosses are appealing for former employees and people with memories, photographs or other records of the pumping station to get in touch.

Events manager Mr Stephen Plant said: “We are calling for anyone who worked there or lived nearby who has memories, photographs, documents, or would like to tell their story to help us get it off the ground.

“It was the main station for most of Nottinghamshire and we will use the information to build a thorough picture of how it worked and what people did.”

The museum would be in the basement of the building where there is still an original well that pumped water to homes in Nottingham.

The exhibition would also include a working model of the pumping station in its heyday alongside the first-person records and photographs.

It would be an addition to the wedding and conference facilities already on offer.

Mr Plant said: “It all ties in as one major project. With Sherwood Forest on the doorstep it could bring more people into the area and it is something we are looking forward to doing.”

The pumphouse, which opened in 1905 and includes a huge brick chimney, was capable of pumping 20m imperial gallons of water per day through 15 miles of pipe from the underground sandstone Aquifer.

It was commissioned by the NottinghaCorporation Water Department before passing into the hands of Severn Trent, but by 1980 it had become obsolete.

Boughton Pumping Station Trust secured funding to restore the building in 2002 but it closed in 2006 after money for essential repairs ran out.

Horizon Investments purchased the building in 2010 and re-launched it as Blackburn House after the original Blackburn Engines which pumped the water.

Mr Plant said the museum would be set up as soon as enough material had been collected.

Anybody who would like to contribute can contact Blackburn House on 01623 867540.


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