Friday, 22 June 2012

News - Ambition to teach towers over trust who love history (Bramcote)

AFTER years of being obscured by overgrown shrubs and trees, Bramcote Old Church Tower is now a focal point of the village.

But despite its more prominent position, in Town Street, few know the rich history behind the tower and its role in the Bramcote community.

To spread the story behind the tower, Bramcote Old Church Tower Trust is making a bid for a share of £35,000 in the Post's Cash For Your Community campaign.

Any money they receive will be used to set up an education programme which will allow school visits to the tower to take place. Treasurer and trustee Moira Robinson said the visits would be extremely valuable to the children. "History is really important because if you don't know your past then you cannot work out what your present is and how your future is going to be," she said. "My passion is history and geography and to be able to share it with children to help them learn will be fantastic."

Initially the education programme will be aimed at key stages one and two, and then opened out to other key stages later on.

Children will be able to go inside the tower and also look around the grounds.

Mrs Robinson said: "They will learn about the history of Bramcote village and the part the church played within it and the part the church plays in it.

"They can also find out about different families of Bramcote who were well known in the village because many have gravestones at the tower."

Alongside the education programmes running at the tower, Bramcote Old Tower Trust also plans to develop a website with any Cash For Your Community money left over.

The group shares a website with Bramcote Conservation Society but Mrs Robinson is keen for the group to have its own. She added: "We've worked very hard to gain ownership of the tower and improve its appearance and upkeep so we'd like our own website to keep people properly informed of updates."

Readers can collect coupons for Bramcote Tower Trust until June 30.

All coupons need to be received by the Post by 5pm on July 6.

For more information see YourCommunity.


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