Wednesday, 13 June 2012

News - A century of memories put on film by YMCA (Nottinghamshire)

MEMORIES spanning a century are being recorded for a series of short films to document the lives of Nottinghamshire folk.

The YMCA is busy putting together ‘Notts Generation’, in which they are interviewing people about their life experiences, with £47,000 funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Film maker Michelle Vacciana has been working at the YMCA with the help of young year eight pupils from Brunts School in Mansfield.

She explained: “Young people have been forging links with the community, in particular older generations who have knowledge of their immediate area and who may have lived most if not all of their lives there.

“The ultimate aim of the project is to work with local young people that we train up in film making and interviewing skills.

“The intention is to unite them with members of the elder generation to find out what life was like for them when they were growing up- as life has seen significant and rapid changes.

“In Mansfield we’ve interviewed five residents from the Berry Hill area.

“A significant part of these short films shall incorporate historic film footage and photographs to illustrate the stories and memories collected.”

Most recently, the pupils attended Berry Hill residential care home in Mansfield where they spent two hours talking to the residents about their lives, where they worked, lived and how much it had changed.


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