Thursday, 19 May 2011

Magazine: Priories Historical Society Magazine: Issue 4 now out

Issue 4 of the Priories Historical Society Magazine is now available. The latest issue contains articles on the Luddite Bicentenary, the PHS Field Survey at Maltby, a report on all the recent cuts and changes to archaeology/university and museums and an article on the Heritage Seed Library as well as the regular poetry and Local Archaeology News.

Members can pick up the magazine at the next meeting or have it delivered to them (Please speak to Pam for postage costs)

Non-members can purchase the magazine for £1 be either writing to:
Mrs PM Cook
15 Doncaster Road
S81 9RY

or coming to one of our meetings.  

Issues 1-3 are still available and priced at £1 each via the above address or by coming to one of our meetings (Next meeting is Anglo-Saxons and Their Dress by Sam Glasswell from Bassetlaw Museum.

Dave C
Publicity Officer

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