Monday, 16 May 2011

Book - History of Wombwell

A HISTORY of Wombwell has at last been published almost 40 years after it was first compiled.

The original book, Wombwell Historical Records, written by Derrick Markham in the early 1970s, was presented to Wombwell Library for use in the reference section.

A compilation of copies of historical records from the British Museum and Public Record Office, photographs and original line drawings, it was often referred to by interested members of the public and children researching projects for school.

The book traces the history of Wombwell from Medieval times onwards, and includes information about the Wombwell family and Wombwell Old Hall.

It is on sale for £9.99 and is available from Julie Martin, Mr Markham’s niece, by calling 01226 754 378, or from Wombwell Library, and Matalan at Cortonwood.

Proceeds will go to the NSPCC, library funds and the British Heart Foundation.

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